Our research interests:

  • Organic electrosynthesis: method development and mechanistic studies
  • Electrocatalysis and electrochemical catalysis
  • Organic electrolytes for synthesis and energy storage
  • New approaches toward sustainable electrolysis and separation
  • Electrochemical CO2 reduction
  • Flow electrochemistry

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05/2021: New laboratory established at LIKAT
A part of the group is now located at the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis.

01/2021: Power-to-PhD
Arend successfully defended his dissertation entitled "Mechanistic Studies on Catalytic Reactions in Electrosynthesis".

10/2020: Habilitation completed
After the colloquium entitled "The Synergistic Interplay between Electrochemistry and Catalysis", Robert's habilitation procedure has been finalized.

10/2020: Master's thesis successfully defended
With the defense of his thesis entitled "Cyclic Voltammetry Studies on TEMPO-modified Polymethacrylates", Adrian successfully completed his Master's degree. Congratulations!

01/2020: Electrochemistry Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, CA
Robert attends and contributes a talk on "Electrochemical Catalysis and Molecular Rearrangements".

11/2019: New group member from Mainz begins work on dissertation
Welcome to Rostock, Patrick!

05/2019: Defense double feature
Benni and Timo successfully defended their PhD theses. Congratulations!

03/2019: New postdoc starts his research in our lab
Welcome Igors!

01/2019: New postdoc in our group
Welcome Michal!

11/2018: Nayereh starts her PhD project
We wish you a good start and all the best for your future research!

09/2018: Benni and Timo attend the GDCh Meeting "Electrochemistry 2018"
Benni and Timo present their research with poster contributions at the Electrochemistry 2018 in Ulm.

09/2018: Arend and Robert travel to Bologna
Arend and Robert attend the 69th Annual ISE Meeting in Bologna and contribute one lecture each.

08/2018: New postdoc in our group
Welcome Huyen!

03/2018: Poster prize awarded at the 51st German Catalysis Meeting in Weimar
Congratulations Arend!


Dr. Robert Francke

Institute of Chemistry
Electrosynthesis Group
Rostock University
Albert-Einstein-Str. 3a
18059 Rostock

Department "Electrochemistry & Catalysis"
Leibniz Institute for Catalysis
Albert-Einstein-Str. 29a
18059 Rostock

Phone: +49-(0)381-1281-306
Fax: +49-(0)381-498-6452
E-mail: robert.francke@catalysis.de

Special Issue 'Organic Electrosynthesis'

Check out the 2019 Special Issue on Organic Electrosynthesis in ChemElectroChem.

Current research papers

"Electrochemical Generation of Hypervalent Bromine(III) Compounds"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  2021, accepted article.

"The Electrochemically Catalyzed Newman-Kwart Rearrangement: Mechanism, Structure-Reactivity Relationship, and Parallels to Photoredox Catalysis"
J. Org. Chem.  2020, 85, 8029–8044.